The thing of it is, it’s hard to share my experience. Because the Marines of my time and the Marines of this time are two different kind of Marines. They were always tough, when I think the Marines today are a lot tougher. I don’t know if I could have even made it in this time because these guys when they signup they know they’re going to war. In our days we signed up we might be going to war because it was it was peace time so you had a time to get there and to do your training and get organized and be ready if something happened. But today you got thirteen weeks or something to get ready and then they send you to battle.

So it’s tough. And they’re carrying seventy pounds of gear. In our days we carried a rifle which was nine pounds and it’s a big difference. So that’s one reason I have a hard time because I think, “Ya know, this is kind of fun and games and stuff” and today it’s not fun and games. With that in mind, I’ll just tell my story.

The Reserves / Enlisting

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